Raghu Kilambi is the CEO of PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corporation, which creates blue hydrogen fuel from natural gas.

He is also the CEO of Kirarv Capital, an advisor to Goal Acquisitions Corporation, which purchases businesses in the sports industry, and a former general partner at Rubicon Investment Group.

This amazing man is also famous for dating Roxy Earle, who starred in the show Real Housewives of Toronto. Let us get to know him then!

In this article we got you covered with everything you need to know about him. Know about his net worth, his age, his wife, his sons, and much more.

Raghu Kilambi Net Worth 

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Raghu Kilambi has an estimated net worth of about more than $1 Billion. In the previous year, he had a net worth of about this range only.

Raghu has effectively raised more than $1 billion worth of offers, value, and obligation capital for various public and privately owned businesses.

There is no precise valuation of Raghu Kilambi’s present total assets and neither has he uncovered anything about his resources. However, from all his ventures, it can be estimated that he earns around $70 Million in a year.

He is still actively involved in his work and his career just goes up. Therefore, with time he will earn much more.

Who is Raghu Kilambi? 

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Raghu Kilambi is a Canadian Investor, and innovative business person. He is also a TV star who is generally known as the CEO and CFO of PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp.

Raghu Kilambi has been seen in the media as of late after his couple of appearances in the Real Housewives of Toronto, where he is seen with his ex Roxy Earle.

He is as of now working and is situated in Newport Beach, California, United States.

Raghu Kilambi Age 

Raghu Kilambi’s age is required to be somewhere near 45 to 50 years. Be that as it may, his accurate age and date of birth have not been uncovered at this point to the media.

Raghu Kilambi is a very secretive person who does not like to share much information on the net. So we do not know his exact age as of today.

In light of his present appearance and the way that he has two grown up boys and 25 years of working experience, his present age range is assessed. So we come to the conclusion that he must be in his late 40s or early 50s.

Raghu Kilambi Bio 

Raghu Kilambi is a Canadian citizen. Though not much is known about him, his work speaks a lot about him.

Raghu Kilambi is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with 25 years of global business experience in public and private investments, building businesses, and creating shareholder value.

He has raised over $1 billion of equity and debt capital for private and public companies. Previously, Raghu was the Co-Founder, CFO, and Chief Strategy Officer.

Raghu Kilambi has two current jobs as CFO at ConversionPoint Technologies Inc.  He is also the CEO of Kirarv Capital.

Additionally, Raghu Kilambi has had two past jobs including Co-Founder at FutureLink.

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Raghu Kilambi Wife 

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Raghu Kilambi was recently hitched to the Tv character Roxy Earle, which means he is her ex. However, some people did assume her to be his wife.

There is no firm data with respect to when Raghu and Roxy met and how long they were together. Be that as it may, she proclaimed their partition through an Instagram live video, where she didn’t specify Raghu’s name naming him as “my ex”.

Raghu and Roxy didn’t have any kids together, yet she was the mother to Raghu’s 2 adolescent young men. Roxy said that they isolated on the grounds that things didn’t work out, yet there is in every case sufficient love, regard, and appreciation for one another.

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Raghu Kilambi Sons

Raghu Kilambi achieved national recognition as a recurring participant on the Canadian television show The Real Housewives of Toronto, in which he was featured along with his then-wife Roxy Earle.

Kilambi was introduced to Earle through a mutual friend. Then Earle was invited to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Toronto.

Kilambi was concerned about the couple’s privacy, but accepted her decision and wound up featuring in the show himself. Kilambi had two children from a previous marriage, who quickly took to Earle and her parents and siblings.

When proposing marriage, Kilambi brought his sons with him to ask that she become Kilambi’s wife and their stepmother. Kilambi and Earle were wed in Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

In 2018, Kilambi moved to California to pursue his technology ventures. In May 2020, Earle announced that she and Kilambi had split into amicable terms.

Roxy stated that Kilambi was living in the United States and that she wished to have children of her own.

So this is all you need to know about Roxy’s ex-man. Thank you for reading this article about Raghu Kilambi. Do add your thoughts and comments below!

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