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Buffie Purselle Net Worth in 2023

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Buffie Purselle stars in Married to Medicine, which follows the professional and personal lives of Atlanta-based doctors. So, what is her net worth given the show had become a hit in America?

Some of the cast members have been seen working on frontlines, but that doesn’t mean that their friendship group is without drama.

Buffie is amongst the line-up of professional doctors on the Bravo series, and fans are now wondering exactly how much she is worth and want to know about her deals and assets.

So continue reading to find out more about her net worth, investments, finances, and so on!

Buffie Purselle Net Worth 

Buffie purselle-
source: Instagram

Buffie Purselle has an estimated net worth of about $5 Million as of 2023. In the previous year, she had an estimated net worth of about $4 Million.

Tax preparation runs in Buffie’s family and this is her main source of income. When it comes to the profession of tax preparation, Buffie is following in the footsteps of her family. She is a third-generation tax professional.

This is the business that her parents and grandparents pursued and she’s just carrying on that tradition, and she happens to be good at it. She earns around $1 Million approximately in a year.

Her net worth is said to increase given her business and investments are just increasing on a wide scale.

Buffie Purselle Net Worth & Earning Stats
Name Buffie Purselle
Net Worth (2023) $5 Million
Net Worth (2022) $4 Million
Salary (Yearly) $1 Million
Primary Earning Source Services

Buffie Purselle Earning Sources 

Buffie Purselle has a lot of earning sources. She created her wealth on her own.

Even though Buffie is married to a very successful and respected psychiatrist, she is a businesswoman and a hard-working one at that.

While she helps him with his practice, she is also a self-made woman who has made her own personal wealth.

The tax business is just one of the things that she has done.

In addition to helping with his office in Atlanta, she also assists him with a telemedicine practice located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

They spend half of the year living there. In addition to running her retail tax and financial management business, she helps run two medical practices.

With several businesses, plus her salary from starring in Married to Medicine, Buffie is thought to have a significant yearly income.

She is so busy as a professional that she usually works up to 12 hours a day and only sleeps 40 hours per week!

She amassed her wealth as the Founder and Managing Member of Buffie the Tax Heiress – a chain of tax and accounting practices with multiple locations in the state of Georgia.

Who is Buffie Purselle? 

Buffie purselle-pic
source: Instagram

Buffie Purselle is a tax and personal finance professional, namely the founder of Buffie LLC, a small business management firm.

With over 20 years of expertise, she is most commonly recognized as a third-generation tax practitioner from a family of tax pros. She and her husband enjoy renovating homes and rental properties.

Buffie Purselle Financial Journey 

Buffie Purselle is the Vice-Chair of the non-profit charity IYAI (Introducing Youth to Careers in Infrastructure), and former CEO of the Boston, Atlanta, Sacramento, and Rhode Island mass transit systems.

The Bravo star is also a highly sought-after national tax and personal finance expert seen on HLN, CNN, and CNBC.

Buffie is also the owner of “Creative Artist Group,” a business management and concierge service for busy film and tv creatives; and Crawl Before You Ball, a personal and business financial management company.

Buffie’s co-stars Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Heavenly Kimes reportedly have a net worth of $4 million. However, all the show’s cast members are thought to be millionaires and so is she.

Buffie Purselle Assets 

Buffie Purselle was looking to make an impression on her fellow Married to Medicine cast-mates this season, she certainly did when she invited them all to a spa day at her rental cottage.

She has a classic lake house curb house in Atlanta that offers various services.

She also helps to run their telemedicine practice in San Juan, Puerto Rico where the Purselle family resides for half of the year.

Buffie and David have two fur babies Louie, a 3-year-old chocolate toy poodle, and Prada, a one-year-old golden labradoodle.

She’s undoubtedly a resourceful and powerful entrepreneur. However, other resources put Purselle’s net worth closer to $1 million.

Buffie Purselle Brand Deals 

Buffie Purselle is married to a physician but has created her own empire as a personal finance and tax expert. She shared on CNBC that in 2017 she built her net worth through several businesses she’s created.

Buffie Purselle has endorsed quite a few brands in her career but has majorly focused on her career in finance.

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Buffie Purselle Real Estate 

Buffie is a serial entrepreneur and is the Founder and Managing Member of Buffie the Tax Heiress, a chain of tax and accounting practices with multiple businesses having their services.

She’s a professional in finance and does have a real estate company but she handles only the tax department of it. Buffie Purcelle has spent more than twenty years of her life as a tax and personal finance expert.

She offers guidance for clients who need to better understand the tax world and how to manage their finances.

She’s not the kind of lady who just depends on her total support from her husband. She’s been out in the real world and earned her income as an independent woman who just happens to be married.

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Why Buffie Purselle is Wealthy? 

Buffie purselle,

Buffie Purselle is a wealthy woman as she is a serial entrepreneur. Serial entrepreneurs are the people who love to start new businesses, and often, they have a long string of them to their credit.

This is the category that Buffie falls under.

She has had her share of successes as well as failures. Her passion at the moment is in helping women to become successful in their business ventures.

One thing about her that is impressive is her honesty. Buffie is open about the failures she’s had and she shares what she has learned from them.

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